We want to revolutionize the beer sector in Portugal

Established in 2016 we want to be a pillar in the movement of new companies that intend to break paradigms and revolutionize the beer sector in Portugal.


From the heart of Porto to the world

Our factory is located at Rua Sá da Bandeira, right in the heart of the city of Porto. In addition to being a brewery, it also works as a brewpub. This is where we produce our brand: Cerveja Nortada!

Cerveja Nortada
Kaspar Schulz Brewhouse (15hl)
1.500 and 6.00 liter isobary tanks
Capability to bottle a thousand bottles per hour
Physico-chemical and microbiological laboratory analysis throughout the process
SPX centrifugation system (60hl / h)
Osmosis system that allows to control the water profile
Schulz Rocket-S that allows dynamic dry hop and / or recirculation of fruits, woods, etc.

Producers of great flavors

We always strive to produce with the maximum quality, so we bet on four main factors: Brewing passion and know-how of our team, excellent equipment, use of the best raw materials and strict quality control. This is how we guarantee maximum flavour and consistency of our beers.


True partnership

We want to create true partnerships and win-win relationships. Therefore, our team is always available to offer support at any stage of product development.

Support in the development of recipes
Sourcing of raw materials
Legal and strategic support
Graphic design and production of labels and boxes
Support in distribution & sales
Product storage or shipping

Who has brewed with us

Nortada has state-of-the-art technology, with the best production equipment available on the market, as well as an enviable support laboratory and a team that is very well oriented and committed to the quality of the final product. With all this, it is only possible to create amazing beers.

Daniel Ramiro Brewmaster at Mean Sardine Brewery

In the many years that we have been taking on small-scale Contract Brewers, the trust we have in Diana Canas and Fábrica de Cervejas Portuense has allowed us to risk and increase production. Quality, friendliness and attention to raw materials and hygiene guarantee us the freshness of our beers.

Diogo Trindade CEO of Lindinha Lucas
Contacts Rua Sá da Bandeira, 210
4000-427 porto
+351 220 181 000 Get directions